862 Global Helping companies succeed in France and in the USA

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Chicago: 4:39 AM  

New York: 5:39 AM  

Paris: 11:39 AM  

Why 862 Global?


The American market

Your representation in the USA

Your office in the USA - Virtually

We - You - Together



We - You - Together

  • We are the point of contact for your clients, partners and vendors, available at any time
  • We extend your business hours without you doing any extra hours
  • We attend meetings, go on location, and discuss on your behalf
  • We communicate back to you questions, results, feedback
  • We are your local Project Manager
  • We redact, edit, read-proof, print, and mail your documents
  • We design and translate your websites
  • We find local specialized expertise, specific vendors
  • We prepare your next visit to the USA
  • We rent meeting and conference rooms
  • We lower your administrative charges - mailing, telephone, travel

  • You are in business and operational quickly without spending a dime
  • You remain at your main office and limit trips overseas
  • You leverage the time difference to prep answers for your clients
  • You have someone to rely on, someone that knows the business and the North American culture
  • You engage us on an hourly basis, per project, or on retainer
  • You lower the expenditures.
  • You don't hire staff. No office to open. No tax to pay

  • Together, we grow your organization
  • Together, we add market share to your business
  • Together, we offer a better service experience to your client
  • Together, we create a win-win situation for all parties
  • Together, we manage time. While you sleep, we keep working for you

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