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A local phone number in France or in the USA



It usually is quite difficult to get a phone line established when you do not own a local brick-and-mortar office. Being located overseas makes it even more challenging. Furthermore, you may be asked to sign a multi-year contract.

With us, the process is very different. No waiting time to get your line in service. No contractual duration (a number for a few days - great for trade shows). You get all the latest options available, the ones big companies get. Whatever your needs may be, we offer a professional service at low cost. The turnaround is typically a few days and you can customize and change the settings any time.
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  • Local, global, toll-free numbers
  • Dedicated fax line
  • Extension numbers for your staff
  • Menus (set of options users can select) and handling rules
  • Customized greeting messages
  • Distinct handling rules based on time of the day or day of the week
  • Call forwarding to multiple location (office, home, cellphone)
  • Call routing to voicemail, then emailed to you
  • Call waiting, hold music
  • ...