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Start-ups, small & medium businesses



Whatever the phase your project is in (discovery, assessment, strategy, launching, execution) and whatever the size of your organization (start-up, SMB), we offer business services fitted to your needs.


A local representation

  • Highly skilled, professional and bilingual staff. For you, no hiring to do
  • Show on your business card a local phone number and a local street address. You suddenly become part of an international organization
  • Your structure exists without creating a legal entity


Operational management of your business

  • Let us manage your contracts and your projects on your behalf
  • We will reach out to your vendors, suppliers, clients, partners, investors
  • Receive guidance and assistance on legal, financial, and logistics matters
  • Get your documents and marketing material properly translated into English US or French
  • Benefit from our administrative services. Express delivery without international fees and delays
  • Ask us to rent meeting rooms and host your contacts the business way


The benefits you get when you work with us

  • Conveniently test the local market and adjust your strategy accordingly
  • Get services customized to your sector and your company
  • Operate your business without creating a legal entity
  • Be open for business during US, Canadian and French business hours, including holidays
  • Enjoy an easy communication back and forth with our staff
  • Be charged for services rendered and not on a 40-hour a week basis
  • Appreciate our partnership with the administration agencies
  • No investment to make. No taxes to report. No long term commitment


In partnership with the chambers of commerce, the local and the national administrations, we help you to

  • Approach and learn the local or national market
  • Contact the chambers of commerce and dedicated organizations (State Department offices, Federal agencies, CCI, UCCIFE, UBIFrance, COFACE, OSEO...)
  • Engage the local chambers of commerce, the French American Chambers of Commerce and the Chambers of Commerce in France
  • Establish and validate the business plan
  • Seek partners, investors


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