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Start-Ups, Small & Medium Businesses

We offer a unique solution to small and mid-size businesses such as yours. With us, you leverage the time difference between France and the USA and we make it work as efficiently as possible.
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Start-ups, SMB

The benefits you get from usWhatever the phase your project (discovery, assessment, strategy, execution), we offer business services fitted to your needs.


Why 862 Global?

An international perspective

The right way to be present on the European and the American markets, while limiting the costs and associated risks.More...

What we do for youBenefit from our bilingal team

We help you learn the market, strategize your implementation and grow your business. You have someone to talk to, someone to rely on.


We always search for new companies and professionals that can help our existing clients.
If you believe you can assist, whatever the field you are in, let us know by registering here.

Interpretation & Translation

No more "lost in translation"Understand people the right way (English / French) when you meet or talk to them. Ensure the proper translation of your emails, contracts and other documents. More...

Save money on traveling costs

Who will cover for you when gone?Do you have time to travel? do you have a budget large enough to accomodate all traveling expenses? Or should you remain available at your office? More...

+ 9 hours a day

without working extra hours

What would you do if you had someone to contact your clients, vendors and suppliers when your offices are closed? More...

Phone & fax lines

Your own phone number in 5 daysNo need to have a local and physical office. Affordable phone service that you can customize to fit your needsMore...

Technology & support

Do you need help with your IT?We ensure that technology requirements between the two continents are met and that you have the all right tools to do your work. More...